Alireza Basti


Charité Medical University of BerlinProfile Pic_AB_SysBio

Molecular Cancer Research Center (MKFZ)
Institute for Theoretical Biology (ITB)
Invalidenstraße 43 (Room 1324)
10115 Berlin

phone: +49 30 2093 8496  (ITB-office, room 1324)
+49 30 450 559 196 (office-lab)
+49 30 450 559 135 (lab)


Curriculum vitae

from 12/2017 – PhD research, Charité Medical University, Berlin, Germany
2016-2017 – Research Student, Institute for Medical Genetics and Human Genetics, Charité Medical University, Berlin, Germany
2015-2017 – Master of Science in Cellular and Molecular Biology, Free University of Berlin, Berlin, Germany
2012 – Student Assistant, Charité Medical University, Department of Hematology and Oncology, Berlin, Germany
2011 – Intern, ROYAN Institute for Stem Cell Biology and Technology, Tehran, Iran
2010-2015 – Bachelor of Science in Biology, Free University of Berlin, Berlin, Germany


Cancer Genomics, Circadian Clock Regulation, Precision Medicine, Epigenetics, Computational Biology, Persian Classical Music, Photography



hSNM1B/Apollo Editing by the CRISPR-Cas9 System and Subsequent Characterizations – Charité, Berlin, Germany

Intracellular Potassium Levels in Experimentally Evolved Halo- tolerant Escheriachia coli Stain K-12 MG1655 and its Role in the Osmoadaptation – Free University, Berlin, Germany