Masters in Molecular Medicine – Module IV

week 8 – literature talks

Dear students,

here you can find a pdf file containing a list of 24 papers (P1-P24). Please go through it and choose one paper to present during you literature seminars. To select the manuscript use the doodle link bellow.
Please make sure that you have done your selection until December the 12th.

Should you have questions  or need advice on how to prepare your talk, you may contact the supervisor responsible for the manuscript  that you have chosen. The list of  supervisors is available here.

The presentations of the selected manuscripts will take place on the 28th and 29th of January 2021. The time-table for the presentations is available here.


How do I select the paper?
Follow the doodle link  and select the corresponding Px manuscript.

What if the paper that I want is already selected?
Take another one 🙂