Our collaborative work with the groups of Claudia Cavadas and Ana-Rita Alvaro was published in EBioMedicine. “Long-term continuous positive airway pressure treatment ameliorates biological clock disruptions in obstructive sleep apnea.” Gaspar LS, Hesse J, Yalçin M, Santos B, Carvalhas-Almeida C, Ferreira M, Moita J, Relógio A, Cavadas C, Álvaro AR.

Our work on “Diurnal variations in the expression of core-clock genes correlate with resting muscle properties and predict fluctuations in exercise performance across the day.” by Alireza Basti, et al. was published in BMJ Open Sport Exerc Med

Our collaborative work with the group of Telma Quintela is online. The Rhythmicity of Clock Genes is Disrupted in the Choroid Plexus of the APP/PS1 Mouse Model of Alzheimer’s Disease. Furtado A, Astaburuaga R, Costa A, Duarte AC, Gonçalves I, Cipolla-Neto J, Lemos MC, Carro E, Relógio A, Santos CRA, Quintela T. J Alzheimers Dis.

Müge’s paper is online. Analysis of the Circadian Regulation of Cancer Hallmarks by a Cross-Platform Study of Colorectal Cancer Time-Series Data Reveals an Association with Genes Involved in Huntington’s Disease. Yalçin M, El-Athman R, Ouk K, Priller J, Relógio A. Cancers

Alireza’s paper is online. The Core-Clock Gene NR1D1 Impacts Cell Motility In Vitro and Invasiveness in A Zebrafish Xenograft Colon Cancer Model. Basti A, Fior R, Yalҫin M, Póvoa V, Astaburuaga R, Li Y, Naderi J, Godinho Ferreira M, Relógio A. Cancers

Our collaborative review work is online. The Circadian Clock, the Immune System, and Viral Infections: The Intricate Relationship Between Biological Time and Host-Virus Interaction. Mazzoccoli G, Vinciguerra M, Carbone A, Relógio A. Pathogens.

Nikolai’s paper is online. A Multi-Layered Study on Harmonic Oscillations in Mammalian Genomics and Proteomics. Genov N, Castellana S, Scholkmann F, Capocefalo D, Truglio M, Rosati J, Turco EM, Biagini T, Carbone A, Mazza T, Relógio A, Mazzoccoli G. Int J Mol Sci.