Angela took part on the career day at the MDC as invited speaker for the panel discussion

AR took part on the career day at the MDC as  EMBL alumni, participated on the panel discussion and on the EMBL alumni dinner in Berlin. There was also a chance to interact with students, former EMBL friends and colleagues, and to meet old friends like Marta Agostinho, the current  coordinator of eulive.

Angela was accepted as a member of the BIH Young Science.

Initiated by entry-level scientists from MDC and Charité, BIH Young Science had its founding event in January 2014. The initiative’s goal is to intensify regular scientific exchange and discussion, especially on the level of early-career group leaders in interdisciplinary translational research. The members of BIH Young Science include scientists from both Charité and MDC at different stages of their research career.

BIH-Young Science