Rukeia joins the Relógio group.

Rukeia El-Athman has joined the Relógio group to carry out her PhD project. She is financed by the e:Bio-BMBF. Welcome, Rukeia!

2015 Birthday celebrations: an overview

We had a good time in the group during each “surprise” birthday celebration. We also had a chance to explore our birthday-songs-singing-abilities in Portuguese for Mónica, in German for Luise, in Chinese for Anuprabha, in Hindi for Angela and in English for Patrick.

Nikolai joins the group

Nikolai Genov has joined the Relógio group to carry out his PhD project. Nikolai was awarded a position within the BSIO (Berlin School of Integrative Oncology) graduate school. He is co-financed by the e:Bio-BMBF and the BSIO. Welcome, Nikolai!