Luise’s paper is online. The Interplay between Colon Cancer Cells and Tumour-Associated Stromal Cells Impacts the Biological Clock and Enhances Malignant Phenotypes. Fuhr L, Abreu M, Carbone A, El-Athman R, Bianchi F, Laukkanen MO, Mazzoccoli G, Relógio A. Cancers

Our collaborative work with the groups of G. Mazzoccoli and J. Hogenesch is online. Systematic Analysis of Mouse Genome Reveals Distinct Evolutionary and Functional Properties Among Circadian and Ultradian Genes. Castellana S, Mazza T, Capocefalo D, Genov N, Biagini T, Fusilli C, Scholkmann F, Relógio A, Hogenesch JB, Mazzoccoli G. Front Physiol.

Luise’s paper in EBiomedicine is online. The Circadian Clock Regulates Metabolic Phenotype Rewiring Via HKDC1 and Modulates Tumor Progression and Drug Response in Colorectal Cancer. Fuhr L, El-Athman R, Scrima R, Cela O, Carbone A, Knoop H, Li Y, Hoffmann K, Laukkanen MO, Corcione F, Steuer R, Meyer TF, Mazzoccoli G, Capitanio N, Relógio A.